“ChrisTheCooker lays down melodic lyrics over a Beverly Hills inspired track on 90210”



FROAT feat. Ill Sugi

ChrisTheCooker gives another lyrical hard hitter over a relaxed chillhop beat by Japanese Producer Ill Sugi.




Queens Native ChrisTheCooker lays down bar’s over Capone-N-Noreaga’s classic Lefrak anthem “Blood Money” Directed by Demetrius Grey


Who run it 

ChrisTheCooker's take on GHerbo's Who Run It Challenge. 




Family feuds 

ChrisTheCooker’s drops gems over Jay-Z’s “Family Feud”


 "Who is cook?...."   

ChrisTheCooker is an up and coming rapper/singer/songwriter born in Flushing Queens, NY and based out of Miami, FL. Cook has made two of hip hops biggest cities home and utilized that platform to showcase his talent since 2013 with the release of his debut mixtape "The Cookbook Vol.1"

 Since a child Cook always knew he wanted to be a musician/entertainer. He realized early he was an outstanding writer receiving various forms of recognition for several bodies of work composed throughout his adolescent years. Whether it be poems, essays, or songs his words stood out in comparison to those around him. The ways of which he thought and put the ideas in his head into words that flowed so smooth, painting the clearest picture was like witnessing greatness for those who were privileged enough to be apart of it. This made him stand out early. His delivery is what excited his peers, which only fueled his fire and always reminded him he had more than just potential. He stuck to his guns and only improved noticeably with time. According to CooK with prayer and patience, his stars have begun to align, bringing together everything he knew it would take to take him to the "next level".

On the cusp of releasing his first EP CooK has been working feverishly to showcase his new collection of work. The chef himself has cooked up a "Miami Spice type menu" that features a variety of sounds unlike what his fans are used to hearing from him as we see him growing into the artist he always spoke of aspiring to become. This project will give the world just a taste of what's next to come.

Be on the lookout for CookMuzik Worldwide as CooK plans to utilize all his resources to bring his visions to life. This one of a kind witty worded individual is focused on building a brand supported by a timeless sound bringing people to really appreciate the art form. Muzik with a purpose. CooK is cooking for the soul.






#ChoppinItUp w/ ChrisTheCooker is our Youtube series that goes in depth with the Cook Muzik Worldwide team and our associates to give an deeper understanding of our music. 





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WPGC DC Live w/ Tony Redz On New Artist Mondays